I Am Angry

So, when it comes to my husband and I, we are not the most romantic couple in the world. I mean, neither of us knew how to flirt when we were dating. Nothing has changed since we got married.

Anyway, I’m angry because looking for something romantic for men on Valentine’s Day is near impossible. Like, I googled “mens Valentine’s Day gifts” expecting flowers? Chocolate? I don’t know what the heck I was thinking. But instead I got a candle that says, “when this is lit, gimme that di*k.” Or some customized underwear that has a cartoonists picture of me holding his junk. What The Effffff. Do you see why I’m angry?

All I want to do for my husband is get him something sweet and romantic. But now I have to put in so much hard work to find chocolate that he loves… (it’s hard because he loves Reese’s Easter eggs.) is it Easter??? Nope! That’s why this will be hard. Wish me luck on my journey to make my husbands Valentine’s Day cute n stuff.