Free Fare February

In Utah we have our public transportation. We call it UTA (Utah transit authority). And this month they have allowed everyone to ride free. Now, I’m all about anything free… even if it’s not something I normally do. There’s a train that travels through half the state called the front runner and it’s been a few years since I got on it, so like… why not now?

I suggested to my husband that after we are done with our sons gymnastics class, we take the front runner to city creek (an outdoor mall in downtown Salt Lake City) and half lunch and get some chocolate. Doesn’t that sound fun?? I thought so.

We aren’t really people to put action to our ideas… but.. we actually did it!

We had to get on the UTA website and figure out when the Front Runner was going to be heading north from the station we live the closest to. We arrived like 15 minutes early and just waited in our car until like 5 minutes before it arrived.

I’m not gunna lie, I was kind of terrified riding the Front Runner because it goes like 75-80 mph and it shakes quite a bit. I think I’d die if I ever had to go on a plane.

Anyway, when we got off the train we had to go over to the trax which are just smaller train things. They go all throughout salt lake county making it easy for people to get around without driving.

When we reached out stop we hopped off and walked a block to get to the mall. My plan was to go to the food court to eat lunch but the entire way up on the train and trax I had a little baby in my tummy kicking my bladder literally the entire way up. Needless to say, I had to pee like a mother freaker. The closest bathroom was in a restaurant called Blue Lemon and I wasn’t about to walk half a mile to get to the food court. No thank you. So we decided to eat at blue lemon. I got a teriyaki salad, Tony got tacos (that looked freakin yummy), and orion got chicken tenders that we all ended up sharing.

I was craving a caramel apple after we ate so we headed over to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and I got a English toffee covered caramel apple, Tony got chocolate covered Oreos, and orion got a caramel m&m covered pretzel…. That I ate. But man, those were yummy.

When we were just about ready to go, orion wanted to spend a couple minutes playing in the ice cold water fountain. But that didn’t last long. Not because he didn’t want it to, but because it was 25 degrees outside and I was ready to go haha

That was it though, we just walked back to the trax station, rode back to the front runner station and drove home. I’d do it again 10/10

Thanks for reading.:) bye!

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