I Love Change

Hello everyone, how are you doing today?

Did you know that I live for change? I’m not sure why but it excites me. So I thought I’d tell all of you about it and also make myself a little more aware of how it affects my life. Let’s get started!

Where I believe it comes from is moving so much when I was younger. My family moved a couple times when we lived in California, then when we moved to Utah, we lived in 3 different places before we settled in Payson. I lived in Payson for well, too long. But since I didn’t move from the house, I would switch rooms with all my siblings every couple months or maybe once a year. If I stayed in the same room for too long then I would rearrange my room. I also did this in college. I always switched roommates and every year I would switch which building I lived in. Gotta keep it a mystery, you know?

When I got married and moved out of my moms house, we moved to a new cute 2 bedroom apartment. We let my little brother move in with us and then we had to eventually kick him out due to him not following the rules. When we kicked him and his girlfriend out, we rearranged our apartment and gave ourselves a “game room” that had all our board games and tv and everything. But then I got sick of it and wanted to move to a 1 bedroom. We literally just moved from the first floor to the second floor, but it was change! And for that moment, it was good enough for me. All of that happened in under a year. And I’m not going to lie, we didn’t even live in that apartment complex for an entire year. I wanted to move again. So we sold our contract and moved to a cute cheap little two bedroom apartment! With the baby on the way, we needed two bedrooms.

Now we live in Provo and we’ve been here for 7 months. The only reason we haven’t moved yet is because they said they don’t give us the option to sell our contract. Also, we don’t want to move again unless it’s into a house for us to own. Even after 5 more months here, I believe we are going to extend the contract a few more months. With THAT being said, according to my standards, we’ve been here way too long, but it’s low income (still crazy expensive) and I know it’s a good place to stay for a while. So, I have taken it upon myself to rearrange our apartment about once a month. Tony on the other hand, hates change. But happy wife, happy life, am I right?

Not only is my living situation always changing, but what’s inside changes. Like what I’m wearing, and well, all my belongings. Im always selling stuff I don’t use anymore and buying new things. My most recent change are my running shoes and my phone. Also, I made my husband get a new phone. His old phone was broken and if I got a new cheap phone, he would get the newest phone for free. #justifaction… leave me alone.

Anyways, as I said before I live for change. I love it. And as always, thank you for reading. Have a great day!


Holding Myself Accountable

Hello everyone, and welcome!

Recently I have been trying to think of the best way to hold myself accountable for this weight loss stuff! And let me tell you, keeping up on the healthy eating and working out everyday is hard. Everyday I want to quit, but everyday I push through it. I have gone almost two full weeks without a rest day. I feel like if I take even one day off of working out then I will just give up everything. On my “rest days” I make sure to do some kind of physical activity. Below I will post a couple different things that I am doing to keep myself accountable because I want to make sure that I lose the weight this time. I am sick of giving up. I am ready to be healthy and not feel trapped in my body.

The first thing I thought of doing is writing blogs. Blogs keep me accountable because I have to make sure that I write about my workouts each Sunday that my husband wrote up for me the week before. I know that I have people the come to read my blog each time I post one and I’m trying to stay more on schedule. Posting, along with everything else is very hard to maintain, but I’m working on it!

The second thing that I started doing is the Dietbet that I had recently blogged about. In the Dietbet that I am currently apart of has 9,067 players all keeping each other motivated and also holding each person accountable. Who ever loses 4% in 4 weeks gets a piece of the ‘pot’ and right now the pot is at $272,070. With previous Dietbets that I have researched, the average winning amount is about $50. It does cost $30 to join and you are always guaranteed to win your money back if you hit the goal. See, if I stay accountable and actually lose the weight, I can win money money!

Another thing I did to stay accountable is marry a very supportive husband. This was unintentional, but no regrets. He makes sure to push me to my limits each week that he schedules my workouts. He also makes sure that I actually do the workouts during the week while he’s at work. He will ask me over and over to make sure that I don’t miss one. Well, I haven’t and that plays a big part.

The thing that I did today to hold myself more accountable is create a fitness Instagram. Username @ cho.fitspo yeah, original. If I post on there everyday and my followers comment, not only is that motivating, but it gives me reason. Who knows, maybe I’m helping someone who is in the same boat as me.

Well, from the day before I gave birth on July 12th to today I have lost 30 lbs. I have gone from 245 to 215. 15 more lbs until I am in ONEderland which I haven’t seen on a scale since June of 2017. Here I come goals!

Weekly Workouts

Hello everyone. This week I have taken it upon myself to write down my daily workouts so that I am able to tell you what I did in case you are interested in starting up a workout schedule for yourself.

I did struggle a little bit this week with food. I had Domino’s buffalo wings as well as a burger and fries from Five Guys. My snacks this weekend have been not so hot as well. I had two bags of Milano cookies and a box of Mike and Ike’s. Somehow I managed to go down almost 3 lbs from last week. I am now weighing in at 215.8 lbs. HOLLLLA! That’s so exciting. Maybe in a month or two I’ll be back in the 100’s. Wouldn’t that be nice? Yes. Yes it would. I gotta kick my butt into gear if I want to get there. I am the only one getting in my way.

Alright, below is going to be this last weeks workout. Today (Sunday) is supposed to be a rest day, but I think I’ll bike a couple miles just to get my blood flowing and maybe burn a few calories.

Monday: Medium – 5 mile bike 30:17

100 crunches – 5 sets of 10 Russian twist – 2 15 second planks – 5 sets of 10 sit ups – 5 minute ab twist (a little core twister I bought)

Tuesday: Medium – 5 mile bike 30:54

5 sets of 10 squats – 5 sets of 10 lunges – 30 donkey kicks (per leg) – 30 side donkey kicks (per leg)

Wednesday: Hard – 4 mile fast bike 18:54

5 sets of 10 leg lifts – 3 15 second planks – 100 crunches – 5 sets of 10 sit ups – 5 sets of 10 Russian twist – 5 minute ab twist

Thursday: Easy – 3 mile bike 22:48

50 counter push ups (can’t do normal ones since I broke my wrist) – 3 sets of 10 bicep curls – 3 sets of 10 tricep behind the head workout thing

Friday: Easy – 3 mile bike 20:37

50 calf raises – 3 sets of 10 squats – 15 donkey kicks (per leg)

Saturday: Medium – 2 mile walk 48:44 and 2 mile bike 12:58

5 sets of 10 bicep – 5 sets of 10 tricep – 100 counter push ups (these made my arms feel like jello)

Sunday: rest day! (Thank goodness…) but I will probably still bike as I said before. These daily exercises mixed with healthy eating has been so good for me! My weight is dropping and it feels good to push myself a little bit more each week.

Thanks for reading!

Sweets Aren’t so Sweet

Hello! Welcome back to another blog about my health.

This is how I am keeping myself accountable on this lifestyle change. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be kinda… but thank you for always being here to read about what I am going through during this journey and what you could expect if you need to lose weight and also go on this kind of journey.

Every weekend I have Tony write up my workouts for the week. My Sunday blog will be a lot more in detail than my last Sunday blog was, but it will be the same regarding my workouts. And I have been doing good in terms of following the workouts that he wrote up for me. Not just that, but I feel as if my food intake is fairly decent as well. I’ll tell you all about our food prep!

Saturday we spent all day making foods for this week. I also packaged nuts so we could have a serving if we start getting hungry during the day. I cut up cucumbers and we got a big bag of baby carrots for $0.69 and bagged up those for Tony to take to work… we made a couple recipes that I found on Pinterest. Fajita rice soup, lasagna rolls, chicken pasta, and chicken pot pie. They should last us all the way through the weekend!

Another item I prepped was dessert… I know… big mistake. I figured if I’m going to have some sweets, at least I should make them a little more healthy, right? Well, I tried. I took clementines and sliced bananas and I dipped them in dark chocolate. If you ask me, that’s a lot healthier than Reese’s… or my biggest addiction… Mike and Ike’s.

I know I’d probably be losing a lot more weight if I didn’t prep my desserts but, I’m trying yo!

Thank you for reading my lovelies, have a wonderful rest of your day!

Hard Day. Hard Week.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

More healthy stuff, yay!

At the beginning of this week, I had my husband decide my workouts for the week. I know that he doesn’t know my limits so that he can push me. Below, I will post what he had decided for me.

Monday: 3 mile treadmill – arms and back – easy day

Tuesday: 4 mile treadmill – core – medium day

Wednesday: 5 mile treadmill – legs and butt – hard day

Thursday: 2 mile treadmill – arms and back – easy day

Friday: 3 mile treadmill – core – stretch – easy day

Saturday: 4 mile treadmill – stretch – medium day

Sunday: rest day

This was a tough week. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but I pushed myself hard but I feel like I didn’t do enough. I gave in to a couple food temptations this week which also didn’t help me feel good.

I did all of Monday-Thursdays workouts I didn’t do all the miles on the treadmill all together, there were sporadic during the day but I did get them all done before the day was over. On Friday, I didn’t do any workout because I just wanted to spend time with my husband. On Saturday, I ended up doing 5 miles on my stationary bike along with a couple arm workouts and a couple ab workouts. For today, my plan is to do 5 miles on the stationary bike again along with some stretching because I clearly haven’t done enough. I still feel like I can’t walk normal from Wednesdays hard day.

I had my husband schedule this next week’s workouts and I will list it below. Next Sunday I will give an update on how I did this week. I make sure to track it in my handy dandy notebook so that I know what I do each day and don’t miss any details. However, this week I just didn’t feel like writing out every single detail that I did. For example I would write for Monday: 2 miles – break – .5 miles – break – .5 miles between 2-2.5 MPH. Maybe next week I’ll do that, but not this week!

Next week’s workouts:

Monday: medium – core – 5 mile bike

Tuesday: medium – legs and butt – 5 mile bike

Wednesday: hard – core – 4 miles treadmill

Thursday: easy – arms – 3 mile bike

Friday: easy – legs and butt – 3 mile bike

Saturday: medium – arms – 4 mile bike

Sunday: rest day

Along with this workout schedule, I will try having two Herbalife shakes a day and one normal meal a day. I feel like I need to discipline myself a little more this next week, because this last week I didn’t see the results that I wanted to see. I gave in to a couple of food temptations and bought candy a couple times. I only lost .2 lbs, but like, I can’t really be mad because I did go down! It just wasn’t as much as I would have liked. I feel like I had a very unsuccessful week, but I can’t let that stop me from keeping up the hard work.

If you have any recipes or workouts that you’d like to leave down in the comments, feel free. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!